Bitcoin wallets

Ok, so you know how it works: Bitcoin is a digital currency, so it doesn’t exist in a physical form. This makes storing them a bit tricky. And banks are clearly not a solution, since most of them are pretty much against any form of cryptocurrency. But we’ll talk about this another time. 

Simply put, you can access your Bitcoin’s public address and transaction signatures using private keys. And these are the most valuable, meaning that you should keep them in a safe place. Yes, today we’re going to talk about Bitcoin wallets!

From the first place, you should know that there are several types of wallets, each and every one of them with its pros and cons, as they vary in terms of security, accessibility, and many more. Let’s discuss some of the most popular...wallet models, shall we? 

Paper Bitcoin wallets

That’s right, we’re talking about a sheet of paper, but containing valuable information, like the public address for receiving Bitcoin, as well as the private key, which you can use to make use of the Bitcoin you have on the address. In most cases, paper wallets don’t have the information written directly on them, but in the form of QR codes, which can be read using special software.

Of course, their main advantage is that they are stored offline, thus being immune to hacker attacks. On the other hand, we’re talking about paper, so you need to store it in a very safe place, especially if you own an important amount of Bitcoin. 

Hardware Bitcoin wallets

In this case, we’re referring to secure hardware devices, usually resembling a USB flash drive, on which you can store your private keys. Most people say that these wallets are the most secure, especially if you own one made by one of the biggest names in the game, like Ledger or Trezor. 

What we really like about hardware wallets is that they come with screens, which act as an additional layer of security each time you connect them to your PC!

Mobile Bitcoin wallets

If you’re thinking about some special apps, you’re absolutely right! Mobile Bitcoin wallets are, in fact, apps running on your smartphone, keeping your private keys and allowing you to use your cryptocurrencies at any time. Basically, you can pay with Bitcoin directly from your phone. 

The biggest problem is that they are sensitive to hacker attacks, not to mention that if you lose your phone you can also say goodbye to your wallet. That’s why we have some mixed feelings when it comes to them. 

Web Bitcoin wallets

Finally, we have probably the most common type of wallet, the web-based one. The concept itself resembles mobile wallets, as you can access your funds on the go, using a smartphone or a PC connected to the internet. 

Again, there’s the security issue, so our recommendation would be to stay away from anything looking shady and opt for some of the well-known solutions, like Coinbase or Lumi Wallet.





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